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Privacy Policy. 

Admiral Pioneer is part of the Admiral Group and operates under our shared group privacy policy.You can read our privacy policy here.
Cookie Policy

What AreCookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is placed and stored on your computer, mobile or other device by websites that you visit. Cookies are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, and also to provide information on visitor behaviour to the website owner. For further information on the use of cookies or

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your device’s browser until you close the browser. They can enable certain site functionality and are also used by the server to store/remember information about user web page activities so user information can be stored throughout an online web process e.g. to allow information to be carried across pages of a website to avoid having to re-enter information.
Persistent CookiesThese are cookies that remain in the cookie file of your browser for much longer (how long depends on the lifetime of the specific cookie). Generally speaking, persistent cookies can be used to track website visits, including returning and unique visitors, and to monitor how people interact with a website. They can also be used to help arrange content to match a user’s preferred interests/preferences more quickly e.g. language settings, however, these cookies cannot be used by themselves to identify you.

How Do We Use Cookies?
We use cookies fora number of reasons, including:
Enabling users to obtain quotes from our website (session cookie);Ensuring the security of our customers (session cookie);Making possible certain site functionality (session cookie); andWebsite traffic and visitor behaviour tracking (persistent cookie).Assisting in evaluating and refining the targeting and personalisation of our online marketing campaigns by collecting anonymous data about our visitors and their website use (persistent cookie)The session cookies that we use are strictly necessary for the website to operate and are essential to make possible certain site functionality, including obtaining a quote and also to protect the security of our customers. You must have session cookies enabled if you wish to get a quote online or access any areas of the website reserved for registered users. Session cookies do not hold personal information.

The persistent cookies used on this website help us to improve the user experience of the site by giving us an insight into how it is being used. These include GoogleMarketing Platform cookies, which are used to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that allow us to understand how users use our website and to help us improve the site structure. You can remove persistent cookies by following the directions provided in your internet browser's 'help' file.

What Cookies Do We Use And Why?

GOOGLE MARKETINGPLATFORM(_ga, _gat, _gali,_gid & collect)These cookies are performance cookies and are used as part of our web analytics activity to monitor traffic and compile reporting about how users are using our websites.The cookies are used to capture anonymous data about a user's journey around our website and the information is aggregated in order to allow us to analyse trends and to make improvements to our website. _gat will expire after 2 years and the other cookies will expire after the session has ended.


The Facebook Pixel is used by Facebook to deliver a series of advertisement products such as realtime bidding from third party advertisers.GOOGLE Ads(Google MarketingPlatform)(ads/)We use Google Ads asa search marketing tool. Google will collect data and use cookies for adpersonalization and measurement.
Conversion tracking cookies are used by Google Ads to monitor behaviour and ensure activity is tailored to the user’s needs where the advertiser has opted into conversion tracking.

Cookies are added to a user’s computer when they click on an ad. If the cookie is active when you visit certain pages of the advertiser’s website, Google and the advertiser will be able to tell that you clicked on the ad and proceeded to that page. These cookies expire within 30 days and do not contain information that can identify you personally.

If you have aGoogle account and have allowed Google to associate your web and app browsing history, Google may collect a Google identifier which enables them to identify your Google account and show you more relevant ads on their services and on website and apps that partner with them.

Google use this data alongside other data they may collect about you, which may include your web and app activity, location history, device information, YouTube history, to provide us with aggregated and anonymised information which assists us in understanding how individuals are using our website and helps us tailor ads that could be more useful to you.

Identifies which server instance the user’s session data is on 

A unique identifier used to look-up data server side 

Prevents cross-siter equest forgery attacks 

Tracks which sitethey entered the system from, if any 

Authentication fora logged-in agent (on agent sites) 

Used by applicationinsights in azure  cookiesession1 

Fortiweb WAFcookie 

Used to determinewhen to warn of session expiry 

Used when loggingpage load times 


Customer portalauthentication cookie 

Used by applicationinsights in azure 

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